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Relentless Pursuit of Infrastructure Excellence Through Comprehensive Civil Engineering Consultancy Services

Infrastructure Planning

Mapping the path to progress. We provide expert guidance on the planning and development of infrastructure projects, helping you make informed decisions and optimize resources.

Owner's Representative Management

Bringing projects to life, on time and within budget. Our construction management services ensure seamless coordination, quality control, and adherence to project timelines.

Consultation and Collaboration

Your partners from inception to completion. We offer expert consultation and collaborate closely with clients, architects, contractors, and stakeholders to achieve project success.

Performance Management

  • Organizational Development
  • Personnel Coaching & Training
  • Conflict Resolution

Program Management

  • Capital Improvements Programming
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Grant Applications & Administration
  • Team Selection, Oversight & Coordination

Project Management

  • Development & Scoping
  • Delivery & Execution
  • Contract Administration
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control


Mr. Moberg has focused his career efforts on assisting communities with development and management of their critical infrastructure. Bob has spent much of his 30+year career working in the public sector, including experience at Plymouth, MN, Coon Rapids, MN, and Los Angeles County, CA. This varied experience makes him well-versed in matters of public policy, local governance, and service delivery.

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Expertise and Experience

Bringing a substantial reservoir of expertise and extensive experience in the realm of civil engineering, we ensure that clients gain access to a profound grasp of the industry's most effective practices.

Proven Track Record

We have a history of successfully completed projects of varying scale and complexity, with a portfolio that showcases the ability to deliver exceptional results, giving clients confidence in our capabilities.

Project Management

We possess strong project management skills, ensuring efficient planning, organization, and execution of projects, meeting deadlines and delivering results on time and within budget.


Our ability to optimize project budgets and resources ensures that clients receive maximum value for their investment, helping them save money without compromising on quality.

Client Testimonials

“Bob Moberg and the staff at AE2S, provided the City of Williston Public Works, with excellent Owner’s Rep/Construction Project Service and advice, on our two-year, two-phase, $30 million-dollar facility construction project.

The space needs for our Public Works Department was quite apparent with our growing community. Our City limits has grown three times its original size and our current facility was no longer meeting our demands. Before we could build a new facility, we first needed to know what was going to be required to meet our size and space needs. AE2S staff prior to our construction project, conducted a complete assessment based on not only our current staff and equipment counts, but what we could expect in the future based on our current growth rate.

As Public Works Director, myself and our Engineering Department did not have the time or staff to manage such a detailed project. Bob Moberg and the AE2S staff kept in constant communication with our Architectural Group and our Construction Management team to assure us that the project was going to be completed on time and on budget. AE2S’s work continued after construction, following up on the completion of key punch-list items, training and warranty work.

Bob Moberg and AE2S staff maintained a continuous project and budget summary throughout the entire project. This information was kept up to date and available to us whenever needed and was also provided in a semi-monthly construction update meeting. The detailed project and budget summary kept us updated on aI initial construction items on Phases 1 and 2, all the owner added construction items and all our soft cost items.

I cannot express how professional and thorough the AE25 team is. This type of integrity was exactly what we were looking for as a partner in our project. We greatly appreciate the final facility results and the fact the we came in on time and on budget. 

It was my pleasure working with AE2S and their staff. A special thank you to Bob Moberg for leading the project successfully.”

David L. Bell
Director of Public Works City of Williston

“We appreciate Bob Moberg’s help as we prepared for and orchestrated the relocation of public safety functions. This is a complex project, and your highly organized and professional approach was of great assistance to us. Thank you!”

Geralyn Barone

City Manager, City of Minnetonka, MN

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